What is is a service offered by the Norwegian Post and Telecommunication Authority (NPT). The website is not involved by any statutory administrative functions. The service was launched in 2002.

This website allows consumers to compare the price plans for mobile and landline telephony providers and for Internet service providers.

The service is based on the pricing information from the network operating companies. All the network operating companies, which are embraced by the Norwegian legislation, are obliged to state their price plans to the Norwegian Post and Telecommunication Authority. 

The website is a tool for comparing the pricing and is meant to be a guide (or starting point) for the consumers on how to select the best service suitable for their needs. The website contains calculators, which allows the consumers to enter their monthly average usage and needs, and the result is presented in a list of the services that might be suitable. The calculators allow for the most important parameters for comparing the prices.

The Norwegian Post and Telecommunication Authority recommend that the consumers in addition to the calculator study the terms and conditions at the individual network operating company’s website.

The Norwegian Post and Telecommunication Authority does not evaluate the quality of the individual services and also reserves against any prospective errors, shortcomings or obscurities in the data basis. The information on this website does not enable the consumer to lodge a complaint.

The website is updated every 24 hours.

The service is developed and tested for Internet Explorer 4.0, Netscape 6.1, Opera 7.0 and later versions of these.